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Tolmer Falls

      Do you enjoy sunsets as much as we do? Well Tolmer Falls hosts some of the most beautiful examples of a true Northern Territory Sunset. During the...

Tabletop Swamp


Lost City

Lost City - Litchfield National Park Litchfield National Park's Natural City   The Lost City is a collection of large sandstone rock...
Bluley Creek

Buley Rockhole and Florence Falls

      Buley Rockholes A group of natural cascading waterfalls that just scream - Jump in! This spot is the best place to let the kids spend hours jumping...
Camping in Litchfield National Park

Magnetic Termite Mounds


Batchelor Butterfly Farm

This small and quant butterfly farm is a great thing to do with the kids during your stay at the Litchfield Motel. Get the chance to feed the bunnies, get...

Rum Jungle Tavern

Rum Jungle Tavern is currently closed and it is unclear when it will re-open again at this time. Time to cool off with a nice cold beverage? Have a flutter...

Batchelor Museum

Based in the old nunnery of its day the Batchelor Museum is a wealth of knowledge from WWII; to the Mining era; to farming in the area and the Indigenous...

Karlstein Castle

This castle, in Havlik Park, is a miniature replica of Karlstein Castle, an old gothic castle in Prague. It was built by Bernie Havlik, a Czech immigrant who worked in...